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Hall Mechanical Announces New CEO

Dear Friends, As we ring in 2021 and look forward to our New Year, I can’t help but be excited about Hall Mechanical’s future. For a start, we will be celebrating our 30th Anniversary as the Region’s most respected new construction plumbing company. That would be more than enough to make us happy, but in an abundance of good news, I have become Hall Mechanical’s new CEO.

In November we announced that Hall Mechanical had been sold to Mr. Fitzgerald Lewis, owner of The Lewis Companies. Through this acquisition, Hall Mechanical joined JED Plumbing & Gas and BG Plumbing & Gas as The Lewis Companies’s plumbing force. Working with our new sister companies, Hall Mechanical has greatly expanded both our service scope and in-field resources. We’ve always been known for our service quality and now we’re better able to quickly handle anything our customers require.

My role as the company’s CEO will not detract from Hall Mechanical’s new President, Tode Krstanoski’s, work. He has long been my second in command and I’m looking forward to seeing him step out in front and lead Hall Mechanical through the upcoming decades. Tode has an enviable depth of experienced executives and senior staff who fully support he and Hall Mechanical’s mission. Together they will continue the company’s service legacy.

Together with Tode and our sister companies, we’ll continue on the same customer-focused path Hall Mechanical started 30 years ago. We long ago learned that partnerships are the key to developing and maintaining good relations. We never want to let our partners down, which is why, during our bidding process, we will study project documents, understand the project schedule and submit a quote with confidence before following-through on our commitment to ensure a successful project.

2021 promises to be an impressive year in which our partnerships continue to grow! I can’t wait to share all of the exciting new features and value-adds we have planned for our customers. We’re busily working with our sister companies to create enhanced services and post-installation customer packages. More to come on these in the upcoming months!

No matter what the future holds, our customers can rely on Hall Mechanical as a trusted contracting partner that delivers quality plumbing services. I thank you for your continued support and invite you to join in celebrating our 30th!

Kind regards,

Joe Hall, 540-622-3925

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